At Revere, we invest based upon both fundamental and technical analysis.  We pride ourselves at having predefined sell rules that allow us to minimize loss while maximizing potential gains.  Understanding when to preserve principal, minimize loss, or give the leeway.

3 Core Strategies as Part of an Overall Portfolio


At Revere, we invest in the top 2% of all available equities. This limited pool of investable stocks are the leaders in their sectors and industry subgroups. To warrant consideration, stocks must beat 98% of all tradable stocks in such categories as earnings, sales, revenue growth, return on equity and institutional support.


ETF StrategyExchange Traded Fund (ETFs)

Our elegant ETF Strategy is specifically designed to detect significant directional trends.  We employ a proprietary methodology to that allows us to invest in indices and sectors, using ETFs, when 75% of stocks are moving higher. Using this strategy allows us to participate in a broad moves higher while avoiding significant declines.  We will harvest gains and/or keep loses small by selling the moment we spot our proprietary sell signal.


Blue Chip Income PortfolioBlue Chip Income Strategy

For investors seeking a strategy that generates income without sacrificing opportunities for capital appreciation, we present the BLUE CHIP INCOME portfolio. This portfolio identifies ETFs and blue chip stocks with above-average yields, and adds a covered-call option strategy to enhance overall yield. Additionally, a small portion of the portfolio will be dedicated to identifying strong sectors being accumulated by institutional investors.

For a detailed understanding of any or all three of these strategies and our strict sell discipline, we invite you in for a complimentary visit.  Click here to contact us and schedule an appointment. If you can come in during market hours, even better.  We will actually show you what we are looking at in real-time and how we make market decisions.

This is your money, and nobody cares about it more than you do.  It is important that you at least understand the overall philosophy and methodology your advisor is employing with your hard earned assets.